You can download a PDF of my resume here!

Computer Programming

Java, Android, and Kotlin

I professionally develop Android applications from the ground up, and follow Google's Design Guidelines to make beautiful UI/UX.
JetBrains' newer JVM-based language, Kotlin, has become a focus of mine also.


This website is evidence of my knowledge of HTML and CSS, along with UI/UX design.


Not only do I have experience with writing client-side JavaScript for websites, I also have experience using JavaScript to write server-side scripts (mainly in Node.js).

C# and ASP.NET

I learned C# before I learned Java. I used C# and ASP.NET at SkillFitness for our backend CMS and website, and I currently use it for personal projects with the .NET Core.


C++ was one of the first languages I learned, I also reinforced my C++ skills with a college course.

Other Languages

Before going to Java from C++, I've used other languages such as Python.

More Information

Visit my projects page to see some of my projects and contributions. You can also search my name on Google to see evidence of my presence in the Android community.


I've played the drums since I was very young. I played percussion in elementary school, junior high school, and for two years of high school. I've played and performed with two bands in the past. Listening to and playing music is one of my major passions.


My dad got me into snowboarding when I was very young. It's not quite a profession for me compared to my other skills, it's just a hobby, but I love it. I went to Colorado in the winter of 2013 with my dad.