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I adapted the already-existing iOS version to Android. SkillFitness® helps professionals reach their full potential through training, collaboration, and self-discovery. It's quickly being developed to other professional and non-professional fields. It's available on both Android and iOS, your company needs to be signed up in order to have credentials to login.

Polar Dashboard

Polar is a dashboard developed by me and designed by Tom Wellington. Tom came to me with the need for a new dashboard to be used in Gaufrer. Polar is designed to be different, beautiful, and professional. It also happens to be very easily configurable. Check out the GitHub repo and Getting Started guide.

Polar Request Manager

Polar Request Manager is a web-based and subscription based icon request management system that I designed for Polar Dashboard users. Rather than receiving emails, designers receive organized icon requests from an online dashboard which shows how many times an app's icon has been requested, along with whether or not you've completed the request. It can even generate appfilters for you. You can register an account on

Nock Nock

Nock Nock is a very simple app which allows developers to monitor their web servers to make sure they are up. The app will "knock" on the door of your web server on a chosen interval (it actually makes a GET request) to see if it responds and returns a successful response code. If it does not, you are notified. Nock Nock is on Google Play, it's also open source.


Extempore is an app based on a heavily modified version of the SkillFitness™ platform, made for Deeloh Technologies, LLC, a St. Paul based education software company. Extempore is designed to simplify language learning between instructors and students (especially when learning remotely). See their website for more info. The app is available on both Android and iOS, your school needs to be signed up in order to have credentials to login.


PhotoAffix makes it easy to stitch multiple photos together, horizontally or vertically. The image below is an example of what it can do. It's currently in beta, you can opt-in to Google Play Beta Testing, or download an APK from the open source repository.

Boid for Twitter

This is the first major project I had worked on. I had originally been working on another Twitter app called Peeper as an experiment, but Philip Oakley and Graham MacPhee contacted me over email with design mockups and ideas for a new Twitter application for Android. I became their coder and we worked on Boid for quite some time while it spread like a virus and got almost 50,000 downloads. Joe Simpson joined our team as another coder to help me out. We eventually had to take the project down from Google Play because Twitter changed their API policies and Boid became too much to maintain and update. You can find information about this project by searching Google.

Material Dialogs

This library is a solution I had to using Material design themed dialogs across all versions of Android, not just Lollipop. It also makes building and theming dialogs easier. The project is available on GitHub, and there's also a sample on Google Play.


Aesthetic is a easy-to-use, dynamic, Rx-powered theme engine for Android apps. It can be integrated into your apps, allowing users to heavily customize the visual look. Check out the project's GitHub repository.

Material Camera

Video recording is one of the hardest things to do for Android developers. Compatibility is very inconsistent among many different devices (due to different Android versions, how manufacturers mount camera sensors, etc.). This library is a result of research and testing done during development of SkillFitness. The project is available on GitHub, along with a tutorial and Gradle dependency.


Bridge is a simple but powerful networking library for Android. It features a Fluent chainable API, and it's powered by Java/Android's URLConnection classes for maximum compatibility and speed. It can be found on GitHub.


Inquiry is a simple library for Android that simplifies construction and use of SQLite databases on Android. It can be found on GitHub.


Google Photos made multi-selection by dragging your finger popular. I needed a solution to do this in Photo Affix, so this was the result. The project is available on GitHub, and there's also a sample on Google Play.


Inspired by iOS, Sectioned-RecyclerView makes displaying a RecyclerView that has sections with headers easy. The library is available on GitHub, along with a tutorial and Gradle dependency.


Assent makes using Android 6.0 Marshmallow's runtime permissions super easy. It's available on GitHub, along with a tutorial and Gradle dependency.

Other Projects and Contributions

Check out my GitHub page to see my other projects libraries, and contributions that aren't listed on this page.